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Heart Coherence stress coaching English spoken

Heart Coherence stress coaching in Amsterdam and Haarlem – English spoken

Heartmath Stress reduction program for resilience and personal effectiveness

This stress coaching program is developed by the Heartmath Institute, which has done years of research to the heart and heart-brain communication.  This wonderful stress reduction program the Heartmath Institute designed, is a result of all these years of dedicated research.

What does the stress coaching program look like?

During seven stress coaching sessions of 60-70 mins each we will explore where your energy leaks are and what gives you energy. We will keep track of your ‘ energy landscape ‘ throughout the coaching program. Hereby you create more awareness what is happening with your energy on a (working) day. Not only the amount of energy, but also the quality; How do you feel?
Next to very interesting and evidence-based theory, you will be introduced to a variety of Heart coherence techniques. These exercises are deliberately simple and applicable on both quiet and busy days.

During the stress coaching sessions I make use of the Heartmath Emwave Pro heart rate sensor. With this highly sensitive sensor, we measure your heart rate and especially the variations in your heart rate. You train yourself to make this variation as rhythmically as possible.

What does heat coherence do?

A rhythmic heart rate is a coherent heart rate. When you are ‘coherent’ your hormone-, nervous- and your immune system tune up to this harmonious rhythm of your heart. This feels like being  ‘in the flow’. When you’re in the flow you will find that you have more energy, you feel more comfortable and happier and brighter, you can think more clearly-also during stressful situations. This is because you’re blood flow to your neo cortex (your ‘thinking brain’) is increased when you are coherent.

The Heart Coherence exercises are great to do prior to a stressful situation. It will help you get through that situation better with more clarity. And, the Heart Coherence exercises are great to get you back to your peaceful self after a stressful event.
But that is not what it is limited to. Because, if practised sufficiently on a daily basis Heart Coherence exercises will raise your coherence level when at rest.
The picture below shows how someone just sitting on a chair doing nothing has a chaotic heart rate and halfway starts with a simple heart coherence exercise. This person is immediately in a state of coherence. Experience how you can bring yourself in ‘the flow’ and what this can mean to you!Stress coaching

The power of heart coherence

You can say to someone that he/she should think more positively, feeling more positively or behave differently. But very little chance this mere verbal advise will help at all- it is nothing more than an idea, a thought. So if you’re thinking ‘I will cope better with stress’ it mostly remains just a thought.
When you want to make a change in how you act, think and feel, you need to make a change at a more basic layer: your physiology.

As you see in the image above, even in a rested position the heart rate is pretty chaotic. Your whole body is in a chaotic state and even your organs, including your brain, get their blood and oxygen supply in this chaotic way. Learn how to apply the simple exercises of heart coherence in your daily life and you change fundamentally. This fundamental change in your physiology will automatically make a positive change in your thinking, feeling and acting. Also people who have been depressed or have symptoms of depression can experience great improvements.

If you start today, you will reek the benefits one day sooner than if you start tomorrow

To sign up  for stress coaching, or for further information, please Contact me.

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