About Sander Krol

During my childhood I meditated intermittently with my parents
at their Yoga & Meditation school. As I grew older meditation
played an increasingly more important role in my life. It became clear to me that it brought me calmth, peace and an overal sensation of being OK and that things are OK. By the time I was 23 Sander Krolyears of age I made meditation part of my daily life.
During my studies Social Work I participated in a Mindfulness course and immediately knew I wanted to teach Mindfulness myself.  For most of my life I knew how important it is to have those moments for yourself, to turn your attention inward and find your balance and peace. But now with Mindfulness and heart coherence science got involved and it became evidence based and widely researched- to me a great justice to the techneques.

– Stop Emotional Eating program; Heartmath Institute; 2016
– Stress and burnout counselling; De Ommezwaai; 2016
– Heartmath coach; Heartmath Institute; 2016
– Heartmath Group Trainer; Heartmath Institute; 2015
– Mindfulness Trainer; SeeTrue; 2014
– Bachelor in Social Work; Hogeschool van Amsterdam 2012

heartmath certified trainer