Why practise Mindfulness?

During the Mindfulness course at Heartful living you will learn:
– how to focus your attention to living in the NOW
– the skills to more easily recognise what thoughts and feelings you have
– how to have more mastery over your reactions to situations/thoughts/feelings as opposed to reacting automatically.
– how to increase awareness of the ‘automatic pilot’ automatic behaviour patterns and habits.

The effects are:Why practise Mindfulness?
– reduction of stress symptoms
– improved concentration
– less worrying
– less anxiety and fear
– more energy (sleeplessness and fatigue reduced)
– improved self image
– improved coping
– a more intense experience of life bringing more contentment and joy
– greater compassion and empathy
– learning how to shift from from the sympathtic (fight&flight /stress mode) to the Parasympathic (Rest&Digest mode)
– clearer thinking
– better stress coping
– improved work performance