Mindfulness and Heart Coherence

Mindfulness and Heart Coherence Training in Amsterdam – English Spoken

Are you troubled by:


– an overactive mind
– burnout
– sadness/feeling gloomy/cheerless
– anxiety
– finding it hard to relax
– sleeping problems
– stress
– easily irritated
– negative thoughts and feelings
– fatigue
– concentration problems
– a general sensation of feeling overwhelmed

Then practising Mindfulness can help you!
Mindfulness can help dramatically reduce these hindrances so you can get on with your life feeling happier and lively.
Do you also have a large to-do list that you never seem to have time for? Is your job so demanding that your social life or family life is neglected? Are you overwhelmed with the pressure to always having to perform and do better and be quicker? The day to day worries and little trials and tribulations flood our mind with thought and worry. In the rush of life we seem to neglect ourselves and loose the experience of life; life as it is Here and Now- the experience of the moment.  Mindfulness can help you regain the competence of being connected to the inner you and live more freely from the heart, in the moment. More and more people are discovering the benefits of practising Mindfulness!

During the Mindfulness course or workshop we will also be doing Heart coherence training.
By practising Heart coherence you can influence your autonomic nervous system resulting in a beautiful harmonious heart rate (see image below). This is what we call a coherent heart rate. When you reach coherence, your immune system, nervous system and hormone system all follow the harmonious rhythm of the heart. This results in you feeling like you are ‘in the flow’ as well as many other benefits as clearer thinking, more energy, more tranquillity and better resilience. When we do the Heart coherence exercises you can see your heart rate on a computer as well as the effect of the exercise as you do it!
Mindfulness and Heart Coherence


Mindfulness and Heart Coherence